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Here you can find some scripts we developed for our websites. We think they could be interesting also for others and we freely distribute it over the Internet.

Tcounter - an hitcounter with trend and graph

Here you find our first PHP script regarding an hit counter. The problem with hitcounter we found over the internet are:

  1. free hitcounter are very nice but they always want to put an image or their own logo over your web bpage.
  2. PHP hitcounter have very nice features but does not include a trend graph.
Here you can find a version of a simple hitcounter based on PHP and MySQL with the following features:
  1. Visibile and invisible
  2. Manages different counters with different names in order to follow trend of different pages
  3. Records data per month over MySQL database
  4. Show trend in graphical way
  5. Download excel files with all the data in order to permit user to do off-line analysis
  6. Shows all the counters in one page
  7. Makes forecast of actual month and compares it with previous month
you can see an example of Tcounter at this page:

it is really simple to use:


1. Download package

2. create a table in your MySQL database using PHPMyAdmin tool or whatever:

NAME: counter

3. Configure your script to access your MySQL database: you must edit file:


4. copy all files on your web server in the directory tcounter

5. decide the name of the counter you want to use: in this example we call the counter "home"

6. insert script text in the web page you want to monitor:

for visible counter:

<script language="Javascript"

for invisible counter:

<script language="Javascript"

7. That's it! Open the webpage where you inserted the script code and then open the page:

If you cannot manage in makeing the script work, please send us an email: we will try to help you.

Please if you like our scripts feel free to donate: